Missions America is dedicated to evangelizing the United States of America with the gospel of Jesus Christ, offering evangelistic ministries to all residents, establishing ministry teams and churches. Wherever and whenever possible, we will propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the fullest extent of our ability and resources.

Missions America objectives include setting up ministry teams and establishing churches in America’s cities, training ministries for America’s Hispanic communities, training ministries for America’s Native American communities, evangelizing the incarcerated in America’s prisons, and equipping and tooling ministry teams in our established churches for revival, evangelism, and church growth.


Adopt-A-City is a program of Missions America focused on establishing new churches in America. This program begins with a man sent from God who has a burden to establish a new church in a particular American city.

Missions America’s objectives for Adopt-A-City are:

  • To assist churches that are three years old and less with monthly financial support that is collected from designated offerings received.
  • To promote churches through the Apostolic Witness to our organization’s populace.
  • To provide resources for training and equipping our Adopt-A-City pastors and churches for church growth.
  • To release churches from the program as a growing and thriving member church of the organization that is now supporting and assisting other new works.
Church Growth

The mission of Church Growth is to promote overall growth in every church of the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ. The target ministries of Missions America in the local church are Sunday School, Outreach, Home Bible Studies, Prayer, Discipleship. Missions America’s goals are:

  • To promote resources equipping the local church pastoral teams in Church Growth.
  • To empower Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ churches in number and quality.

Our mission is to strengthen and empower churches in this wicked and untoward generation to save as many lost souls as possible before the rapture of the church.

Hispanic Ministries

The Hispanic population in the United States grew from 200 to 2010 by forty-three percent. The numbers surpassing 50 million living in America and accounting for about 1 out of 6 Americans. The growth was propelled by a surge in births in the U.S., rather than immigration, pointing to a growing generational shift in which the Hispanic populace could make up a third of the U.S. population by the year 2050. At present, America is second only to the nation of Mexico in their Hispanic population.

There is a field of souls to be harvested for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Missions America’s goal is…

  • To train and equip ministers with a burden for Hispanic ministries;
  • To establish new churches among the Spanish-speaking population throughout North America.
  • To connect Hispanic Apostolic churches with English speaking churches in fellowship promoting bilingual harmony and unity.
  • To provide a means of fellowship for Hispanic churches of the Apostolic faith.
  • To provide a means of fellowship for Apostolic Hispanic ministers that desire to be in fellowship with the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Native American

There are five million American Indians living in America today. Our commission is to “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” There is a harvest field in America of American Indians who are living on reservations. It is the goal of Missions America:

  • To train and equip American Indian ministers for ministry to the American Indian living on the reservation.
  • To establish churches among the American Indian tribes all across America.
  • To provide fellowship for the Apostolic American Indian churches.
  • To provide spiritual and financial support to the fullest extent of our ability and resources.
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