The term “Boots On The Ground” is a phrase that has only come into play over the past thirty years in our vocabulary.  It means “we have occupied the territory and any attempts to be dislodged  is at the risk of war.” In our pursuit to fill the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, our Adopt A City program supports “boots on the ground” in cities across America.  We are actively placing and supporting pastoral teams in American cities to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Any attempt of the adversary to dislodge us from our calling will result in spiritual warfare.  Jesus will be exalted, the enemy will be defeated, and lost souls will be delivered.  We need your continuing prayer and financial support as we labor to keep “boots on the ground” in the Adopt A City program.

NameDate JoinedContact Info
James Click
Warren, OH
August 2011330.898.6041 (home)
330.509.5267 (cell)
234.223.0295 (church)
Kenneth Noles
Panama City, FL
May 2012850.896.9104 (home)
850.896.8925 (cell)
Thomas King
Monterey, TN
May 2012931.839.8416 (home)
865.228.9689 (cell)
David Mackowiak
Shepherdsville, KY
May 2012502.507.1506 (cell)
Robert Watson
Alexandria, IN
October 2012765.702.8545 (cell)
765.724.7674 (church)
Jamin Tuttle
Aurora, IN
May 2013502-255-0237 (home)
812-532-0330 (cell)
C Edward Mejean
Elkhart, IN
June 2013219.874.3729 (home)
219.877.5232 (cell)
Frankie Martin
Houston, MS
September 2015662.456.0890 (cell)
Joseph Rodriguez
Daytona Beach, FL
January 2016386.931.0395 (cell)
Raymond Bowser
Kokomo, IN
January 2016765.434.7805 (cell)
765.461.3645 (cell)

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