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incarcerated People in the uS

The United States is home to the second largest number of prisoners worldwide, only beaten by China. (Based on an article published by Statista Research Department, Aug 22, 2023).

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In a single day

As of 2022, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 151 minutes per day. Or just over 2.5 hours a day. (Based on an article published by Stacy Jo Dixon of Statista Research Department, Aug 29, 2023).

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Want to become an ALJC Missions America Prisoner's Friend Official Chaplain?
Step 1: After seeking Pastoral Approval, contact our Prisoner's Friend Director to get official approval

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Step 2: Once approved, visit and complete the Volunteer Chaplain Training Series

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To be recognized as a Missions America Prisoner’s Friend Chaplain, all members must keep a 2 year (biannual) membership. The Membership costs $50, due every two years.